The power of sponsorship

There’s a big difference between donations and sponsorships. A donation is essentially a gift — no strings attached. A sponsorship is a transaction:

The sponsor gives cash or in-kind materials/services in exchange for positive public exposure and/or contact with potential clients.

Continuing Medical Education events support so much of what the Association of General Practitioners do — from Administrative costs, outreach activities, scholarship programs and much more. Local sponsors are crucial to the success our operations.


Sponsorships increase the associations resources, raise your company’s  profile and create access for networking, all at the same time.

Tap into the power of sponsorship. Here’s how to find events  that you might interested in co-sponsoring or being a headline sponsor.

To find our about other sponsorship opportunities email us at: or contact us at 876-946-0954 or 876-517-6636. To sponsor an event on our calendar  COMPLETE FORM.