Association of General Practitioners of Jamaica (AGPJ)

The Association of General Practitioners of Jamaica (AGPJ) is the professional body for General Practitioners (GPs) in Jamaica. The AGPJ supports and represents GPs on key issues including licensing, education, training, research and clinical standards.
1. It encourages General Practitioners to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in order to achieve the highest standard of General Practice and encourage Medical Graduates entering general Practice to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and to facilitate and encourage the retention of these skills in the Jamaican community.
2. It provides conditions for continuing education in all areas of General Practice and to further improve the knowledge and skills in said areas.
3. To represent the membership of the Association to the profession in general, to other categories of health workers, to the public and private sectors, to the academic community and to the community at large.
4. To encourage research in General Medicine.
5. To promote the interchange of experience and ideas among our members and other interested parties.
6. To play a leading role in Health Education of Health Workers, Patients and the Community at large.
7. To ensure that the maximum number of patients receive maximum benefits to health from General Practitioner service by ensuring that the highest standards of general practice are developed and maintained.
8. To represent the special interests of General Practitioners.
9. To abide by he Principles of Medical Ethics as accepted by the Medical Council of Jamaica.


There shall be given categories of membership
1. Full Membership
2. Associate Membership
3. Special Membership
4. Emeritus Membership
5. Honorary Membership
6. Affiliate Membership


The Board of Directors may appoint Standing or Ad Hoc Committees to assist in its work. This includes the Standing Committees hereinafter specified.
1. Health Care Services
2. Education, Scientific Programme and Research
3. Membership and Service to Members plus Election
4. Communications and Publications
5. Legislation, Constitution, By-laws and Finance
6. Public Relations & Sponsorship


Composition of the Board/Executive:
The Board/Executive shall consist of the Directors of the Association, six officers elected at the Annual General Meeting, and two (non-voting) persons elected to represent the Associate membership.

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • President Elect
  • Immediate Past President
  • Hon. Secretary
  • Hon. Treasurer

The primary decision making body of the Association shall be the membership of the Association under guidance from the Board/Executive.

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