Membership Types and Benefits

Categories of Membership are as follows:

Full Membership: Available to all doctors whose major professional activity is General Practice and has been for at least three years post registration.

Associate membership: Available to all members of the medical profession who do not qualify for full membership

Emeritus Membership: Members who have reached the point of normal retirement and/or are no longer engaged in active practice  and who request continuing membership.

Honorary Membership: Conferred by the Board from time to time as approved by the Association.

Affiliate  Membership:  Conferred by the Board from time to time as approved by the Association.

Fellow: Physician member who has distinguished him/herself by the contribution made to the AGPJ.


FULL MEMBERSHIP : Registration Fee: $5,000
FULL MEMBERSHIP: Renewal Fee: $5,000 yearly

Discounts may apply based on membership category; please see below

Registration fee: 100%
Renewal fee: 100%

Registration fee: 50%
Renewal fee: 50%

STUDENT MEMBERS  (Interns, Residents, SHOs)
4 year limit
Registration fee: 50%
Renewal fee: 50% discount

STUDENT MEMBERS  (Medical Students)
No automatic renewal; will need to demonstrate student status
Registration fee: Free
Renewal fee: Free

AFFILIATE MEMBERS (must apply directly to CCFP secretariat)
Health Professionals allied to Medicine
Registration fee: 50%
Renewal fee: 50% discount


Registration fee: 50%
Renewal fee: 50% discount

In addition to above applicable discounts, these are some additional  benefits of being an active member of the AGPJ

1) AGPJ ID (upon request)

2) AGPJ Membership Certificate,

3) Monthly reminders of CME seminars and workshops

4) Discounted fee for  Conference Attendance,

5) Access to online on-demand CMEs,

6) Each member  of the Association achieving a minimum of 50 hours annually and/or  completion of 150 hours in a 3-year period (every triennium), can apply to the Caribbean College of Family Physicians (CCFP) for Accreditation, and will receive  an accreditation certificate (see additional details here:

Renew your Membership here:

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