CME is an acronym that stands for continuing medical education.  Most licensed or certified health care professions have CME requirements that must be fulfilled on an annual basis to maintain active licensure and certification. CME credits are assigned to courses, seminars, and online training by professional bodies.

In general, CME refers to credits for physicians and others with a medical license, while CE (continuing education) or CEU (continuing education unit) are terms used for other health professions.

Who Needs CME?

If your job requires any type of license or certification, most likely you must complete CME each year in order to renew your license or certification. Nursesdoctors, and allied health professionals are all required to complete CME credits yearly. As a result, CME is an ongoing requirement throughout a career. Check your license or certification requirements to note how many CME credits are required during each renewal period. As you may not be able to practice if your license or certification expires, you need to be vigilant in keeping current with what is required.

To learn more about CME requirements specific to your healthcare role such as how many credits you need and how you can obtain them, check with your applicable professional association or licensing board.

How to Acquire CME Credits

CME can be obtained in a variety of ways. The number of credits required varies according to your specific professional role and the country in which you are licensed. Seminars, classes, workshops, lectures, conferences, and even some books and webinars can count towards CME. When deciding whether to attend a conference or class, check whether CME is offered. It is also critical to check the details on how to apply for CME. Is a certificate given at the end of the course that must then be filed? Sometimes an extra fee is needed to get CME credit for training.

Our Courses and Events

We provide a wide range of high quality courses and events to support our members’ continuing professional development. Whether it’s conferences and symposia, workshops, practical or online, we have courses on a wide range of clinical, medical and developmental topics for GPs at all stages of their career.

Quarterly Conference/Workshops

Our quarterly events   showcases the latest clinical developments, and brings together an impressive range of national and international speakers

Collaboration with Pharmaceutical and Other companies

A  planned  series of evening meetings and  day conferences, each with a specific clinical focus, for GPs are jointly hosted throughout the year. These sessions are by invitation usually from the co-organizing company.

Other Conferences

AGPJ participates in joint conferences with Caribbean College of Family Physicians and the FAMMED Unit of the University of the West Indies annually in the World Family Doctor Day Conference. World Family Doctor Day is celebrated May 19 annually. .

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